Types of Festivals

It’s difficult to avoid attending festivals and events, no matter where you live. This is because we live in a society where we cannot avoid associating with others, not to mention that festivals are a form of entertainment. Whether you love music, art, food, or religion, there is definitely a festival for you out there. Festivals focus on a specific theme or niche and usually run for hours or several weeks. The following article will focus on the types of festivals around the world.

Art Festivals

Art festivals do not only focus on visual art but also other arts such as dance, film, music, fine art, poetry and literature. An art festival program usually runs over a short period of time, such as a day to longer time frames which may be over a month because of the different genres of art that need to be showcased. The Edinburgh International Festival, which is organised in Scotland, is one of the oldest and famous art festival and here you will find the best in the comedy, film, theatre, dance and music industry.

Food and Agriculture

Food and agricultural festivals are mostly tied to the season with most of these festivals taking place during harvest time. Foods and drinks are at the centre of festivals theme, with most of them bringing people together for thanksgiving after a great harvest or for entertainment. Some of the most famous food and agriculture festivals include the Oktoberfest, which originated in Germany and now has become a major festival all over the world. Beer is the main attraction here, with the event taking place for 16 days in September, in the streets of Munich. For those who love tomatoes, the La Tomatina of Bunol festival is perfect for you, since its the largest food fight festival where people throw tomatoes at each other. This festival takes place in the city of Valencia in Spain.

Religious Festivals

Religious festivals are some of the most famous events around the world, with the central theme being around religion. Most of these festivals involve fasting, feasting and religion. Followers use these festivals to honour gods. These festivals take place each lunar or calendar year depending on the religious teachings which vary from one religion to another. The most common religious festivals include Christmas, Easter, Eid ul-Adha, Eid al-Adha, Diwali among others.

Science Festivals

Yes, science festivals are organised to showcase past, current and future science and technology and bring the same level of flair and freshness, just like art or music festivals. Some of the events may include exhibitions, lectures, workshops, guided tours, experiments, among others. These events can also be aimed at linking science and technology to history or art.